Des évolutions intéressantes sur la plateforme NING

Ning Blog : Blog Archive - May Product Roadmap - What’s Next?

Le réseau Apprendre 2.0 est comme vous le savez hébergé sur la plateforme NING : j'apprécie la qualité du service et l'écoute et la réactivité de l'équipe avec qui nous travaillons !
Encore aujourd'hui, ils nous annoncent des évolutions intéressantes !

- Design et création : This Week’s Redesign. We’ve redesigned the pages and simplified even further the network creation process. We’ll be rolling this out on Wednesday night with a planned maintenance window of about two hours. We’ll have the specifics up on Tuesday.

- Personnalisation des pages personnelles : “Drag and Drop” Member Profile Page Layout. In the release following our redesign, we’ll be offering members of a network more flexibility in controlling the layout of their profile page. Network Creators will have the option to turn off this additional flexibility if they want a more uniform profile page, but otherwise, a member will be able to drag and drop the placement of features on their profile page.

- Un nouvel espace discussion pour le forum : We’ll be offering a new default view for the discussion forum to, well, function much more like a traditional discussion forum with a better overview of categories, posts, and replies. We’ll also offer the option for a single threaded - or flat - discussion. This update is long overdue and we appreciate everyone who has lived with the current version for as long as it has been available, which has been quite some time.

- Un outil de recherche optimisé : This project will result in simplified URLs as well as control over metatags, among other SEO options and improvements.

- Un accès à de nouvelles fonctionnalités via le système open social : We’re in the process right now of rolling out full OpenSocial support. This integration of Open Social will enable Network Creators and their members to take advantage of the many features created and offered by outside developers for Ning (and the zillions of other companies via the OpenSocial standards sponsored by Google.)

- Un nouveau système de messageries : (Phasing Out the Ningbar). We’ll be fully integrating the message center and friend requests into the main body of your network. We’ll also be offering a more contained view of friends specific to your network. This should eliminate any confusion you or your members have between a view of friends on your network and friends you have across the Ning Platform.

- Invitations par IM : We’ll be offering the option to invite new people to your network via AIM Instant Messager.

- Questions : Lastly, we’ll be integrating the option to roll out a new Questions & Answers feature onto your network.