Edublogger 2008 - suite

Vous trouverez ici des liens d'accès vers l'ensemble des discussions passionnantes auxquelles se sont livrés les participants à cet évènement organisé par toute l'équipe de Supercoolschool : great job Steli and Max ! :-)

- Brainstorming about how to use e learning to reduce digital gap in Latin America developing countries

- Educating Creativity

- Collaborative Creation of Educational Materials: Lessons from the Field

- Shifting Focus in Education from the Answers to the Questions

- Irresponsibles teaching with ICT ?

- Going Where The Students Are

- Web 2.0 and knowledge acquisition

- The contradiction: Digital learning style and old teaching methodologies

- The Wacky Ways of the Wiki

- Throw Down the Gauntlet: Break the Chains of Bad Practice, Build Our Future