Conditions d'utilisation des tutoriels common craft

How to Share Our Videos Responsibly | Common Craft - Explanations In Plain English

How to Share Our Videos Responsibly

We want you to share the free, online versions of our videos. However, we have some basic rules. By following them, you help to ensure that Common Craft videos remain free.

1. No Commercial Use (Pas d'utilisation commerciale)

The free versions of our videos are for "non-commercial" use. This means that commerical organizations can't display the videos without our permission. For example, if you owned a podcasting company, you could not display our video "Podcasting in Plain English" internally or externally, without our permission. Please visit the Store or contact us if you'd like to use the videos commercially.

You can feel free to share the our videos online as long as they are not used for commercial purposes.

2. No Alterations or Derivatives (Pas de modifications)

Our videos cannot be changed in any way. You cannot add your logo or use parts of the video to create new videos. The complete video must remain in the form that it was published by Common Craft.

3. No Uploading (Pas de téléchargement)

You may not upload a Common Craft video using your own account on sites like You Tube.

4. Please Link to Common Craft (lien vers la source Common Craft)

When you display a Common Craft video, you will need to provide a link back to the Common Craft web site (

These rules come from Creative Commons licensing, which gives us a way to promote responsible sharing. The license we use is called "Creative Commons Attribution No Derivative Works 3.0."