Twitter comme système de feedback vis à vis d'un cours

Wired Campus: Professor Encourages Students to Pass Notes During Class -- via Twitter -

Un usage intéressant à découvrir !

"Still, when Mr. Camplese told me about his experiment soon after he spoke at The Chronicle’s Tech Forum, I couldn’t help thinking that it sounded like a recipe for chaos, and I told him so. He replied that his hope is that the second layer of conversation will disrupt the old classroom model and allow new kinds of teaching in which students play a greater role and information is pulled in from outside the classroom walls. “I’m not a full-time faculty member,” he said. “I use my classrooms as an applied-research lab to decide what to promote as new solutions for our campus.”

Il me semble que les impacts ne peuvent s'apprécier qu'au long cours...à suivre donc ! :-)